A free text-based bookmarking website.


  • Plain-text-based bookmarking. No fancy images or graphics.
  • Tags. Organize your bookmarks with multiple tags.
  • Private. All bookmarks are private by default.
  • Sharing. Tag your friends (@username) to share bookmarks with them.
  • One-click bookmarking. Save bookmarks with a single click, using our bookmarklet.
  • Import bookmarks. Bring in all your bookmarks from other services or browsers.
  • Export bookmarks. Not happy with us? Export all your bookmarks anytime.
  • Works on any device with an internet connection and browser.
  • Free unlimited bookmarks. No limits on storage.
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You can import bookmarks from any browser.

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You can export all your bookmarks any time here. You'll get a bookmarks file that can be imported to any browser.

Experimental features

Enable push notifications
You will receive a push notification when someone tags you on their bookmark. Works only on supported browsers.

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